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Member Since June, 2018

Alisha was born in and raised Colorado proud! She is married to the love of her life and is a mother of two.


From a very young age, death became all too familiar to Alisha. At age 5 she lost her grandfather, at age 6 or grandmother and tragically lost her father at age 8. Most would think with that amount of loss at such a young age Alisha would have developed fear and apprehension around death, but very much to the contrary she found a sense of comforted and became intrigued by the afterlife. She grew up “feeling” and “sensing” presences. As the years passed, it became just normal to hear a knock in the middle of the night, usually commemorating a special occasion or flickering lights of a specific lamp. With each passing year, these events brought comfort, but they also brought more intrigue into the paranormal. Finding the balance between her faith and her curiosity into the paranormal, Alisha was able to develop an understanding of a peaceful co-existence of both beliefs within her.  As with her beliefs, Alisha’s confidence in her gifts has grown leaps and bounds since embracing more forward thinking toward the paranormal and allows herself to feel okay exploring her gifts. She now knows and has conviction in her gifts and is looking forward to exploring, growing, understanding, and helping our loved ones on the other side.  Alisha believes that her convictions, gifts, and great attention to detail that are her greatest contributors to the CCPI team.


Alisha is a “Jill of Many Trades” but a master of none. She enjoys singing karaoke on the weekends with her friends and will occasionally sing with the Western Slope Symphony Choir.  During the summer months, Alisha enjoys coaching her daughter’s softball team, going fishing, four-wheeling, going to the drive-in movie, and who could forget outdoor paranormal investigations!

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