Lead Investigator

Bonnee was born in Ohio and spent her youth traveling between California, Ohio and Colorado, where she finally settled. She is a professional in the real estate industry and owns her own side business as well. As a mom of two teenage daughters, she works hard to balance work and life. In addition to being a mom to her two daughters, Bonnee is also mom to four dogs, six cats, and one bearded dragon lizard!


As a paranormal investigator, Bonnee brings to the table a love for the spiritual and a thirst for knowledge and adventure. She possesses a special channel to the spirit world that at times can act like a magnet. This gift has developed in one of her daughters as well. 


As the Case Manager for CCPI, Bonnee provides care and empathy to all of our clients and puts them at ease before the team actually investigates their location! Her compassion for the living as well as the departed is evident in all aspects of her life and CCPI is thrilled to have her as a member of our family!

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