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Case Manager
Member Since September, 2017

Carolyn's interest in the  paranormal started when her dad passed away.  Her mother still lived in the family home that they had purchased in 1962.  Growing up, the neighborhood was middle class and she ran the streets without danger.  When her father passed, small crime had started to infiltrate their formerly safe neighborhood.  Her father visited her mother every day until she sold the house and moved to a safe mobile home community nearer to family that was in a secured facility. 


Carolyn's sister bought a house just down the street from their mother and when Carolyn's niece was 3 years old, her sister began seeing an apparition of a small girl she initially thought was her young daughter.  Every time her sister got out of bed to look, the child was sound asleep.  She never figured out who the little girl was.


Carolyn stayed at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs with another sister when their kids were small.  They were able to tour the private quarters of Walter Devereaux, who built the hotel in 1893.  As they were walking through, she looked over at a chair and saw a man with a hat sitting in period clothes. No one else witnessed the event. Startled, Carolyn ran out of the room and left her sister with all of the kids.  Oops! 


Carolyn loves reading and enjoys all kinds of books - especially her favorite author, Janet Evonovich. She also loves true crime novels and of course books about locations that she and her bestie Billie have toured or investigated. She keeps her most treasured books in her library aka: her spare bedroom which is her cat room, as it's done in cat decor.  Yep, she's a crazy cat lady!


Carolyn is also an avid cat rescuer. She hates the thought of any cat or animal being neglected, abused or worse.  She does what she can to help her community with the trapping/releasing and feeding/sheltering of homeless animals.  She makes winter shelters for animals and distributes them where needed.


Of course, her family is her priority but having the luxury of working from home allows Carolyn the flexibility to help those in need, whether they're animals, people, or departed souls. She loves the not-so-normal as she is not normal, nor does she want to be! 

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