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Member Since February, 2020

Catie has lived most of her life in Oregon and moved to Colorado in 2008 with her two wonderful sons. 


From a young age, Catie was very sensitive to her environment and those around her. When she was in her early twenties, she realize not everyone could see that shadow figure moving out of the corner of her eye or randomly feel a hand on their shoulder when alone in a room.  Catie came from a large family but due to the religion she was raised in, " You just didn't talk about things like that".  After finding freedom from that religion in her mid-teens, Catie was free to acknowledge and accept the energy she alone could see and feel, was really that of those that have passed.


After moving to the beautiful state of Colorado,  Catie has put herself through college and in the process found a life long friend who happens to be Wiccan as well as a firm believer in the paranormal. Her name is Susan and she is a longtime member of CCPI. 


With the forming of this friendship Catie has had more exposure to paranormal phenomena and really enjoys working with the entire CCPI family!


In her spare time Catie love spending time with her only son still at home, reading, meditation and utilizing her gift of Reiki.

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