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Investigator In Training
Member Since February, 2020

Kristen started taking an interest in the paranormal when she was about 8. Her mother took a group to the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, CO (which is Kristen's favorite place in the world) where they encountered something that piqued Kristen's interest. Since that day, Kristen has been looking for that one "wow" experience that would clarify and justify all of her beliefs.


As a freelance investigator, Kristen has explored some interesting places, but is excited to be working with the CCPI team! When she's not chasing down ghosties, Kristen enjoys music and likes to live a simple quiet life reading or hanging out with her fiance and son. They have a busy sports life between basketball and soccer and Kristen treats her time spent researching with CCPI has her "me-time" - exploring something she's always been interested in!

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