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Member Since September, 2017

Being part of a paranormal investigation team is something Heather has desired for a long time, as she has always had a fascination with paranormal phenomena. 


Heather grew up on a ranch and has a love for animals. In her youth, she spent a lot of time raising and caring for various farm animals, with her favorites being horses, dogs, and goats. Her family also raised corn, sunflower, bean, and crops as well. Because of this, Heather has always been an outdoorsy person, and was very accurately referred to as a tomboy on more than one occasion. She has no problem getting dirty when the need arises or even when it's just fun, which is a great characteristic to have as an investigator!


Heather is also an artistic person with a love for drawing/sketching in her spare time when she is not hard at work for a bronze sculptor. She also likes to play video games, read, fish, ski, hunt, or go camping with her husband.


She is  extremely curious by nature, which makes her a great asset to the CCPI family!. 

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