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Lead Investigator
Member Since February, 2015

John grew up in the small railroad town of Hinton in Southern WV.  He had a fairly close family, so it wasn’t anything to go spend weekends with relatives.  His favorite thing to do was spending the weekend at Granny’s house with his cousin.  They would ride bicycles all day, play by the river and fish.  It was the best of times.  This is where his curiosity for the paranormal was awakened.  His Granny had never said anything about the house she lived in being haunted, until the night after his cousin saw a full-bodied apparition walk through the bedroom and disappear.  After hearing the stories of the house and having several personal experiences, he was hooked.  He even did a large English report on different types of haunting in 1999 as a Sophomore in high school before ghost hunting hit the mainstream. 

A chef by profession, John has spent a lot of time traveling, cooking in resorts and fine-dining establishments.  He has lived in FL, SD, WV, CO, RI, NC and SC.  Upon graduating from college, he decide to really immerse himself in work and see how far he could go.  By the time he was 25, he had become the Executive Chef of a top 100 golf destination in private country clubs. From there, he went to try and strike it rich in the oil fields.  He didn’t hit the big time but it gave him the time to pursue another hobby … Photography. 

Now he works as a chef for a local college and still has the same passion for paranormal investigating and research.  He brings his knowledge of photography and lighting to the table as well as a think-outside-the-box mindset to solving problems.  When things that are out of the normal happen, he takes a lot of pride in trying to help people figure out what the problem is.

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