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Member Since October, 2017

Julie grew up in Palisade, CO but didn't have her first paranormal experience until she was an adult. A few years after moving into her current home, she heard what she thought was her son saying "mom", only to find out he was asleep as well as the rest of her family that evening. A few weeks later, as she was sitting at her computer, she felt a cool breeze on her back go by her.  There were no air conditioners or fans on that time of year, and no windows were open. Julie mentioned her experiences to her daughter and found out that her daughter as well had been experiencing activity. Surprisingly, this eased her mind, because she wasn't the only person in the house experiencing unusual events. 

In 2010, Julie and her daughter decided to contact CCPI and request an investigation. She was impressed with the professionalism, quality of the investigations conducted, and the camaraderie within the CCPI organization, and decided she wanted to to help others who might be experiencing what she had. She still lives in her haunted house, but isn't often bothered by the extra residents. Having been a CCPI client, Julie shows kindness and compassion to clients and freely shares her won experiences, which puts others at ease, knowing they're not alone. 

Julie excels at reviewing audio files, taking great pride in her research, and assisting other investigators in any area needed. It is her positive attitude and attention to detail that make her a very valuable asset to the CCPI family!

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