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The Phantom Hitchhiker Project was created in 2010 by CCPI Founder, Clarissa Vazquez. A college assignment had tasked her with writing a 20-page research paper on any given topic. She chose to write about why paranormal investigation (specifically, ghost hunting) should be regarded as a legitimate form of scientific research. When she was unable to locate scholarly documents that would advocate or rebut her thesis, she began conducting interviews with some of the most renowned investigators in the world. When these researchers, who had dedicated most of their lives to the field began telling her it could not be done, Clarissa set out to prove that it can.  

The Phantom Hitchhiker Project ran from 2010 to 2015. While it did not yield evidence of fatal roadside accidents resulting in GPT, it did prove that paranormal research can be conducted using the scientific method. 


To analyze data compiled from several investigations of roadside locations where someone has died as the result of a car accident. By having a concrete set of specific questions, we can attempt to determine if a spirit remains after a tragic accident. We can eliminate vehicle noises by only investigating late at night and not conducting EVP sessions when traffic is present. We can eliminate further vehicle interference by utilizing video cameras as opposed to still cameras. We would need to be as thorough as possible.



If we investigate locations where a person died as the result of a vehicle accident, then we can prove or disprove if tragic and sudden deaths cause spirit energy to remain and eliminate or fuel "spirit traveler" legends.


Possible Results:

  1. We discover an excessive amount of confirmed spirit energy at roadside death locations as a result of EVP sessions, confirming that spirit energy remains, and is unaware that he/she is dead due to a sudden and 'violent' death.

  2. We discover little to no spirit energy at roadside locations as a result of EVP sessions, eliminating the theory that spirit energy remains unaware due to a sudden and 'violent' death. This will also eliminate "spirit traveler" legends.  

  3. In addition to confirming or debunking reports of paranormal activity at each location, we will further contribute toward the current theories (either for or against) regarding time, temperature, and lunar phase.




Control A:

In order to exercise Control A, the experiment can only be conducted on the following dates due to lunar phase and temperature fluctuations:

June 26, 2010

July 25, 2010

August 25, 2010


The previously listed dates are the calendar dates in which we will be observing a 100% full moon. By conducting in June, July and August, we will be observing similar temperatures, as these are the three warmest months of the year.


Control B:

In order to exercise Control B, the experiment must be conducted at precisely the same time for every attempt. It is recommended that the experiments begin at 00:00 on the nights when the moon is fullest. 

6-26-10 / 6-27-10

7-25-10 / 7-26-10

8-25-10 / 8-26-10 


By proceeding at 00:00, we will eliminate excess noise and lights from traffic, as well as ambient sounds from day time events. We will alert Colorado State Patrol and any other appropriate law enforcement agency to our research to avoid disruption from officers. In addition to noise elimination, we will also be ensuring similar temperature controls, as mentioned in Control A. 


Control C:

In order to exercise Control C, we will need to establish a set of specific questions to be asked during the EVP sessions at each location. Each question should be asked with a ten-second space allotted for answers. Each EVP session should be time/date stamped at the beginning, along with the exact location (Ex: I-70 WB, MM 76.4), and the investigator(s) name. Temperature and weather conditions should also be logged prior to beginning EVP session. The following are sample questions. The exact questions used for this experiment may differ from those listed here. 

     I.   Is there anyone here with us this evening?

     II.  Can you tell us your name?

     III. Where do you live?

     IV.  How old are you?

     V.   Can you tell us what year it is?


Only the designated questions should be used during the session, no more, no less. 


Control D.

By using the same equipment at each location, we can further control the parameters of our research. It is recommended that each investigator/team use the following equipment:

  1. Digital Camera

  2. Digital Audio Recorder

  3. EMF Meter

  4. Stopwatch or other timer for EVP sessions


If one investigator/team is using a digital still camera and another is using a video camera, then the results will differ and the controls of the project will become irrelevant and the data useless - regardless of the outcome of each investigation. At NO TIME is it acceptable to use a cellular or digital telephone for any aspect of this experiment!


Any locations with ‘positive’ results, i.e. confirmed EVP or visual evidence will be revisited under the same conditions during the same month of the following year in order to duplicate the conditions. Additional equipment and recording methods can and will be utilized at this time. Locations with negative results can be revisited if the reports of paranormal activity continue after the investigation. Results from every roadside investigation will be posted on the CCPI website, regardless of positive/negative results.

"Phantom Hitchhiker Project"© Copyright 2010 Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators. All Rights Reserved.

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