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Member Since August, 2017

Sarah lived in Grand Junction, CO until the age of 10 when she moved to Palisade. From a very young age, she was seeing and witnessing "strange" things. She didn't know how to react other than to stay quiet, although she would tell her mother and grandmother at times that a "rainbow" always followed her; they didn't react to her experiences. Growing up, she often spent time with her grandparents. One night when she was about 6 she slept over at her grandparents'. While the adults were fast asleep, Sarah saw out of the corner of her eye, a woman who sat at the edge of the bed near her feet. The woman appeared to look at her in a caring way before disappearing. Not understanding and rather terrified, she later learned that a few years prior,  her grandmother's mom had passed away in that room. Sarah made the connection that it was her great-grandmother that she had seen. She would often see and feel her when she stayed with her grandparents.


That was the first of Sarah's experiences, but certainly not the last. Growing up in a Christian home, she was conflicted by what she was experiencing and the teachings of her church. Her grandparents didn't believe in otherworldly things and said what she was experiencing was sinful. Sarah's mother finally believed when she began experiencing the same thingsActivity in her home became a normal thing, but they mostly ignored it. The activity was more playful, however, Sarah could always feel a strong male presence whom she called the "protector".  Every night, he would go to each of the three bedroom doorways as they settled into bed. He then would drift off into the night.


Despite growing up as a Christian, Sarah never criticized anyone else's beliefs regarding paranormal phenomena, as she had no say or reason to judge. Sarah loves people for who they are and not what they are. 


In 2013, Sarah experienced what some would call "out-of-body" phenomena after having had major surgery. While was lying in bed -  barely coherent, she was suddenly picked up and could see her lifeless and sick body in her bed. She believes it was a woman that had lifted her from her body and carried her into a brightness that would blind a person on Earth. A feeling of pure bliss washed over her; All of her pain and sicknesses were gone completely. Just as suddenly as when she left, she was back in her body. Almost immediately after returning to her body, her mom came rushing into her room. She had just spoken to Sarah's doctor, who had advised Sarah be admitted to the hospital immediately - that Sarah was significantly sicker than they had originally thought. 


That experience changed Sarah's view of life and death. Her experience enhanced her curiosity and opened doors that enabled her to help others. She even considered becoming a mortician!


In 2010, and again in 2011 Sarah contacted CCPI and requested they investigate her home because the activity was becoming more than she could handle. The CCPI team gave her the peace of mind she needed. She appreciated the understanding from the team from whom she felt validated and appreciated. She was impressed with each member of the team as well as their dedication and professionalism.


Now that Sarah has been given the opportunity to be part of the CCPI family, she too wants to give to the clients exactly what she was given all those years ago. Sarah has a deep passion to help others, and as a member of CCPI, she can understand and relate to what the clients are potentially going through. She knows how frightening it can be when you don't understand what's going on and you reach the point where you're ready to ask a group of complete strangers to come into your home.


In Sarah’s down time, she enjoys spending time with her fur-babies: two French Bulldogs, a boxer, a Labrador retriever, one bearded dragon, and her 33-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon. Saying she loves animals is an understatement!


Sarah is proving to be a true asset to the CCPI team and we are very blessed to have her as a member of our family!

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